Our Vision

As an innovation leader, we live individual technical applications, with the help of future-oriented manufacturing processes and binding social responsibility for the world of tomorrow.


By attitude we mean our down-to-earth, cosmopolitan way of making responsible decisions and communicating honestly.


For us, partnership means respectful, loyal cooperation at eye level, in which reliability and attention are essential.

Innovative Spirit

As an experienced and
future-oriented company, we stand for applied innovations and smart solutions by taking the environment in consideration.

Foundation MMB

Foundation of MMB with 5 employees.

Change of name

Change of name from MMB GmbH & Co. KG to MMB GmbH

1. Move

Move to new premises from 600m² to 1200m² now.

Accession Christian Nilessen

Christian Nilessen joins MMB as authorised signatory.

2. Move

Another move and enlargement of the space from 1200m² to 2000m². From now on our address is Am Lindenkamp 17 in 42549 Velbert.

Expansion of research

First collaborative projects with MMB participation

Start 3D print

Entry into the production of 3D printed parts for special machines.

Generation handover

Initiate the handover process of business development and leadership from old to young.

Expansion 3D printing

Entry into 3D printing for plastics.

New Corporate Design

Introduction of a new corporate design.


Internal restructuring for more agility in all areas in line with the Industrie 4.0 idea.

Starting signal for ecological new building

Planning of an ecological, sustainable new building for administration and to expand production.


Conversion of internal processes in favour of more automation and digitalisation.

Heinz Niemann

Founder & Managing Director

Christian Nilessen

Technical Manager

Josip Grgurevic

Technical Manager Hard- & Software

Interview with Heinz Niemann

"Without heart, this company cannot exist.“

What was your motivation for founding MMB?

As a technical manager in a company for special machines, I was
no longer able to implement creative ideas and the best solutions.
Unfortunately, it was more a matter of business and not enough of
technical things. This led to the decision to go my own way
special-purpose machine construction on my own responsibility.

How does MMB manage to be successful despite technical change?

Constant willingness to innovate, a high degree of willpower and above
all perseverance and a willingness to take risks.
On a human level, our transparency and flexibility
also contribute to our success.

How would you describe the DNA of the company?

Challenges are desired. Social interaction at eye level,
fairness, and cohesion distinguish us. In addition, we are
a young company with an average age of 32 years,
that lives its corporate values.

What added value do you offer your partners and customers?

We are 100 percent results-oriented. On the one hand, we draw from
decades of experience hand and on the other hand our young
creative approaches to solutions, which help our customers
to achieve cost-effective solutions.

Given the changes in manufacturing processes and materials, where will .
MMB go in the future?

Additive manufacturing will presumably replace conventional manufacturing
at some point, so that it can be produced more cheaply and in a more
and more resource-efficient manner. Robotics and AI will become
even more precise and faster, so that they will also take over process
management and QM.

What do you expect from your customers?

I am expecting many interesting, realisable challenges and
a trusting cooperation at eye level. We rely on
common goals and long-term partnerships and fairness.


Social Commitment
Quality Standards

Environmental protection is an essential part of our thinking and acting.

That is why we continuously minimise our consumption of resources.

Eco gas


We purchase green gas for our buildings to reduce our ecological footprint.

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Green electricity

We purchase green electricity for our buildings to reduce our ecological footprint.

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Blue Angel Engel

The Blue Angel is the world’s first and best-known eco-label. Since 1978, it has set standards for environmentally compatible products and services decided by an independent jury according to defined criteria. The Blue Angel rewards companies for their commitment to environmental protection.

FSC packaging

Promoting environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests is the mission of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).




Our waste disposal company takes great care to ensure that the tasks assigned to it are carried out with the utmost care and consideration for nature.

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As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, we attach great importance to giving something back to society, which is why we get involved.


Oxfam is a global relief and development organisation that works passionately with conviction, knowledge, experience and many people towards one goal: a just world without poverty.

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We guarantee the highest quality for trouble-free use of our machines in your production. We prove this in regular audits

DIN EN ISO 9001 und 14001

With the aim of optimising the quality of processes and ecological measures, our integrated environmental and quality management, which has been built up over many years, has been certified annually since 2000 according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management).


With the CE marking, MMB declares in accordance with EU regulation 765/2008 that our machines have been built and tested in accordance with current machine guidelines and standards.


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